Friday, 21 June 2013

NOTD: Queen of Hearts

I wanted to try something weird, slightly crazy and possibly dangerous?!

With these weird trends lately of sticking everything but the kitchen sink on your nails, and shaping them like claws I thought I'd give it a go!

 Step 1: I used a multi-purpose base coat,Rimmel 5 in 1 Base & Top Coat, after filing my nails into the desired shape (in this case, what the heart desires)*
 Step 2: I used LA Colors Nail Lacquer in Mauve Glaze as a base coat, and making the nails an opaque-ish colour.

 Step 3: Using a stencil to design the heart shapes, dipping it onto the brush from the bottle. I also use the bottle brush to paint small strokes in the middle. I used Bourjois Shade 7.
 Step 4:  Sally Hansen Super Shine 'Shiny Top Coat'. It really gives a smoothing, glossy effect to your nails.
 This is the stencil I used, it's really a lip brush but works the best unless you have one of those small nail brushes.

Difficulty: 7/10 It was quite messy and took ages to perfect it, but practice makes perfect. Next time I will use a different colour as a base so my nails look less witchy!

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*I am quite prone to making cheesy jokes. Sorry not sorry.


  1. Oh wow, I love the final effect! x

  2. It was a great effort indeed! Love this <3

  3. That looks great! Perfect for Valentines Day!! And I know what you mean by "possibly dangerous." My sister has claws and she can use it as a weapon. xD

    Lynn | Makeup With Tea