Tuesday, 4 June 2013

New Jewelry Pieces: New Look

A while ago I placed an order with New Look for these pieces, and I was so excited when they arrived! One piece unfortunately was broken but I've been able to fix it (a hook was broken)

The first is a caged ring in gold which is something I've wanted for ages, I feel like you can pair it with anything and it's almost a statement piece on its own.
The next is a bib necklace with pale pink triangles in different sizes, what really caught my eye was the gold triangles attached onto the end of each, I love little detailing like this!
Last but not least is my favourite! This bib necklace with white crochet and pearls going all the way around. I'll have to find something to pair this with in the summer, maybe a maxi dress or one with a peter pan collar?

What do you guys think?

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  1. Hey! Great stuff. You can pair that bib necklace with a solid colour maxi dress. Would look stunning!

  2. I really like the caged ring :)



  3. Great pieces, I really love your necklace.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys :)


  5. Lovely stuff, enjoy them!
    I was recently jewelry shopping as well. Toronto based jewelry designer Rebekah Price had a sale event this week, and I bought a fabulous statement ring with a Swarovski stone.

    I can't help but share it -- have a look at the ring and other jewelry that was on sale on that day:


    Have a great weekend!
    Xoxo, Vcitoria