Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Easy Peasy: Rasberry Trifle

I decided to cook and bake for Father's Day as my family and I are such foodies!
I made a really easy tomato prawn dish for the main course ( let me know if you want that recipe) and for desset a easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy rasberry trifle.
It took less than 15 minutes, including picture taking time.

 This is from the Donna Hay cookbook, but don't quote me on that. I kind of went by my own taste and I never follow recipes through and through.
 I added lady finger biscuits which add a crunchy texture to the otherwise liquid, smooth taste. Then I poured orange licquer,about a teaspoon per cup. You can add sherry instead.
 Then I took some frozen 'forest* fruits' although that's a random somewhat misleading name as the origins of these fruits is the farthest thing from a forest! *factory...
 Then I lazily put them in the microwaveand added more from the frozen packet (which I defrosted for an hour) and mixed a tablespoon of icing sugar in.
 This is how lovely it looked by this point!
 Then comes the really delicious part - mascarpone (my computer is trying to correct this to mascara?!) single cream and more icing sugar.
 Then a dash of vanilla extract and presto...
 You can also add fruit on the top for decoration

I love cooking, and hopefully I'll remember to document more recipes to share with you guys, it can be really easy and I'm no Nigella Lawson so if I can do it you guys can too!

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