Saturday, 29 June 2013

Cute DIY Bracelets: Cheap & Chic

Hi everyone,

Today's post is something a little bit different, and somewhat ambitious. I decided to try out DIY jewelry. I used to do this quite a lot, and as I have time on my hands during the summer I rediscovered this fun hobby.

All you need is: String - Beads - Scissors

I like to use stretchy string which you can pick up in places like Hobby Craft. It's easier to use and you can make tighter bracelets. As you can see, I tend to cut the remaining string at the end but it can give a nice effect if you leave it, making it look more 'homemade'. 

These kind of bracelets have even come back into style recently and I've seen these all over the high street! They are very bright, and mismatched so if this isn't your style you can use more grown up beads, which I've seen lots of in bead shops (although they are more expensive) to give your jewelry the appearance of high end make.

Do you guys enjoy DIY? 

I'll be posting some DIY videos very soon so don't forget to subscribe (it's free!) to my Youtube channel: 



  1. Very cute bracelets! My fave is the blue one. ^_^