Thursday, 9 May 2013

Huge Fashion & Beauty Haul!

Here are all the goodies I've found recently in shops, and even a charity shop. Some may not like this method, but charity shops are often a great place to find vintage and designer items. The sizing may be a bit off at times, but that's easy to fix!
The first half are beauty products I've received from Cosmo magazine, and then from Superdrug I picked up some nail art accessories.
The clothing is the most exciting part; I found a D&G dress which is perfect for summer and maybe playing tennis in. A Karen Millen skirt which is more autumnal but I may find somewhere to wear it soon, and last but not least these YSL (or Saint Laurent as it is now) for just £5! The label checks out and they are very well made. And the sizing is a bit big but better loose than too tight.
I love the cigarette pant look and these would go really well with sandals or ballet flats this summer.
I also purchased a pair of cute storage boxes for £2 and I'll be keeping them in plain view in my room so I can appreciate it!

What are your summer buys?



  1. Wow great haul. I love the nail art!!

  2. That Dolce and Gabbana is amazing!


  3. wooow!!! amazing finds!!! i love to go to flea markets but the best item i have found so far has been a jcrew dress haha!