Thursday, 17 January 2013

How to create professional videos (on a budget)

When I was making youtube videos (so long ago!) I always tried my best at editing them, to give the appearance of professional quality. After buying a 1080p HD camera, the easy part, I looked around for ages for a good program. 

The basics you need are: editing software, a good camera.
Apple has built in software in their computers, in all models I believe. However I always choose to download/purchase my own. I tried an old Adobe one which didn't really work as there was no manual and not enough options for what I wanted.

I would recommend something like video editing software. Always research before purchasing; this particular brand has been featured in various business magazines and articles, plus you can read online reviews. Click here for Cyberlink's powerdirector review which is one of the latest installments. Basically, you can create movies easily, and add small professional details such as an intro, credits etc. 

This is perfect if you're after films for the home, from vacations, trips or anything you can want to keep as a memory. My family has loads of these in our living room, trust me it's great to just have whenever you're feeling nostalgic.

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