Tuesday, 30 October 2012

River Island and Topshop Haul

I was so surprised, and excited, when I saw lots of shops have sales on at the moment. I went into the River Island 'Accessories' shop and purchased the first two items:

Leopard-style ring reduced to £3
Colourful bangle reduced to £4 (I just saw it in a magazine retailing for £10)

Most of you will know Topshop has amazing sales, and their pre-christmas sales were pretty good. Although a lot of it is summer stock they were trying to get rid of, these two items really caught my eye:

Red-coral paneled dress
Pink crochet tank top

On top of the sales, I used my student card for discounts and saved about £2. I would recommend doing this whenever you go shopping and asking about discounts if you have one!


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