Friday, 6 July 2012

Treasures of Mexico

Of course, I'm starting off the post with food! This was one of the biggest treasures to me - delicious and authentic food. Our hotel had various cuisines to try out in themed restaurants. 
 This was the amazing salmon shitake at Yashimi (Japanese Cuisine)
 Flaming Mayan coffee at Agave (Mexican, as you can guess ;)
Another of my favourites - the fried ice cream at Yashimi. A must try when in Riviera Maya!

 Pale pink and cerulean blue beaded bracelets. All these handcrafted items were basically dirt cheap!
 Another beaded bracelet in the colours of the Mexican flag. I bought some of these for my friends.

 A sinkhole  - cenote in spanish - where we went swimming, which was an unforgettable experience.
A handcrafted backpack in really gorgeous bright green, red and yellow. Perfect for short day trips!

 A classic Mayan skull in azure blue, which is about the size of my palm and I'm thinking of placing it on my bookshelf.
 I purchased this lovely necklace at Chichen Itza - a place which needs no introduction - and naturally, I wanted to take something priceless home and contribute to the small Mayan community!
 I had my initials 'A.W' written in the Mayan Alphabet on silver plating on a black string necklace.
And last but not least - the delicious starter to our meal at our hotel's steakhouse. Delicioso! 

Keep an eye out for upcoming posts on other areas of my trip.