Thursday, 28 June 2012

Your Summer Jewelry Sorted

Thanks to Vogue, I was inspired to check out the summer sales, which are now in full swing, and pick up some statement pieces. Here are my top picks:

East Hammered Heart Necklace £18

Tatty Devine Pegasus Gold Necklace £45

Aftershock Kristina Bracelet £30

Mary Portas Amethyst Eaarings £25

                                                  Kit Health Sterling Silver Applique Leaf Earrings £75

                                                    Mikey Large Skull Ring £23

                                                         Guess Red Rose Ring £39

These are all items featured on House Of Fraser website, and the prices are according to their sale/regular prices. I'm sure you can find these elsewhere, but these are quite reasonable prices! 

Let me know in the comments, your fave items!



  1. I love the pegasus necklace :)

  2. The hammered heart necklace and the crystal bracelet are my favorite pieces, great jewelry list!

  3. Thanks for the feedback! I love every piece! :)