Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Pre-Holiday Workout: Shed The Pounds!

I am by no means an expert, but as a teenage girl, I have some experience with experimental diets, exercise routines and stress! As it is now June, and those of you at school (or work) will surely be taking some time off for a relaxing vacation. And you don't want to feel stressed and awkward by the pool, do you?

My last diet posts were so popular, I thought I would do an updated post! First off, not much has changed. I have been taking it a little too easy recently, but with only 10 days before I'm in a bikini, I'm stepping it up.

1) Don't over-diet - your body won't thank you for it, in fact, your body will have a tantrum and after a certain point (about 5 pounds) will plateau which makes it difficult to shift those last few pounds!

2) Do as much cardio as possible - these will help get you in the best shape possible, in the least amount of time. Yoga and bikram yoga in particular make you sweat = more calories and fat burnt per hour!

3) Drink as much green tea as you can per day! - This is , of course, within reason. I'm currently drinking 4 cups a day which I have researched, and not only fills you up to prevent hunger pangs late in the day but also speeds up your metabolism! Strawberries,cucumber and celery also help burn fat and have negative calories.

Mix these tips up with your regular routine, and in no time you'll tone up and just feel better all round! I've lost a pound so far but have only started this two days ago! I would however recommend this 2-4 weeks before you leave.

Hope this helps!


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  1. I think I'm going to start drinking green tea! Hope you have a nice time on holiday x

  2. Thanks hun! And you really should :)