Sunday, 24 June 2012

Packing and Travelling: How To Get It Right

Albeit, not quite as glamorous as this, this week I will be half way through my holiday - and probably still jet-lagged! Here are my top tips for surviving a long-haul flight, and how to stop yourself from snapping at the mother of that screaming child;

1) Be PREPARED. Yes, simple. Or is it? At least a week before ensure you have all your necessities - toiletries,documents, clothes, sunscreen etc. Choose your travel clothes and hand luggage to make sure everything fits well.

2) If like me, you have dry/sensitive skin try buying sample size creams or face masks to apply during the flight. Anything over 4+ hours really should be a pampering session. Plus stretching out your legs is essential.

3) Some airlines will provide quality items, but an eye-mask, earplugs and small snacks would be a good idea to have handy on the flight, just in case! Books, magazines and music are also handy items you should keep in your hand luggage.

4) Possibly the most important?! Try getting an upgrade! Some lucky few will already have purchased upper class seats, but the majority of us won't have. I'm not an expert, but look up tips on how to do this, or if you are flying with Thomson for example, they offer 'premium economy' seats for as little as £150 extra. 

That concludes my post, I hope I wasn't too late with this post! Enjoy your summers



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