Friday, 25 May 2012

A Day at Westfield (Food,Shopping etc)

I met with my friend Hayfa today in Westfield shopping centre. It was unbearably hot, but whilst walking around you can't really feel it (especially with the thrill of shopping pulsating)!
50% off Burt's Bees scrub and body lotion at Debenhams

 We stopped for gelato before we left, from a cute parlour called Joe Delucci's
 Me, posing awkwardly, at LPDJ (a french seafood restaurant) in Westfield's. I ordered scallops with asparagus.
 My friend brought my birthday present to give me, which were two Kate Moss for Rimmel lipsticks in 16 and 19. Amazing colours for summer!
 Lipstick No.19
                                                                   Lipstick No.16
                                        Sleek Divine Palette, again gorgeous colours for summer!

                                                 H&M high waisted belted shorts, in russet colour.
                                                One of my favourite purchases, a gold hair tie.
                                             Dorothy bath melt from Lush
                                           Somewhere over the rainbow.....
                                                Think Pink bath bomb

                                              Pull & Bear lace dress on sale!


  1. ermmmm... can you learn to spell, peasant? I know you don't have internet in your house but at least buy a tv or something? xoxox

  2. WOOOOOOT? Like don't be rude bruv! Imma bitch slap yo ass