Saturday, 7 April 2012

Strange Vogue Paris Editing

Those of you who read daily updates (like me) on fashion news and events, will have heard of the rather strange news that Vogue Paris will now be published in English! I personally think that defeats the point of buying French Vogue; 'cool' French speaking people read it while the rest of us gaze lustfully at the divine fashion. They may as well print every edition of Vogue in English, as it no longer seems that special. Another thing I noticed that seems a little off is it's called 'Vogue Paris' not France - I understand Paris is the fashion capital etc, but no other Vogue seems to have this quirk? It must be a French thing. ;)

What do you guys think?


  1. Standardising Vogue (or any publication for that matter) to one particular language completely defeats the point (or one of the points, in any case) of having different editions of the same magazine.
    Not a fan of this idea at all. It's nothing but a commercial move.

  2. I agree with @Chic and Cliche it's a commercial move!

    Dionysia - I am a fashionista

  3. Thanks for your feedback :)
    I agree, it's becoming commercialised in a very tacky, un-vogue manner. The novelty of buying a foreign edition Vogue is slowly wearing off...

  4. That just seems so weird. I alway perceived the french of the fashion industry as striving to set themselves apart from everyone else in the fashion industry. I thought they prized their "French-ness" if you will? Definitely odd. I would think that this move would sort of reduce their "cool" factor. I wonder how much they feel this will help them commercially?

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  6. nice idea.. thanks for sharing..