Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Dropping a Dress Size

I'm sure at some point, everyone has wanted to lose weight for a special occasion, or just feel better about themselves. And since I'm in the middle of an ugly battle with 'crash diets' I thought it would be best to share the wisdom I've acquired.
General Pointers:

  • Don't completely cut out desserts and indulgences, as it will literally, bite you in the butt later.

  • Do your research, as everyone's body type is different and the results you desire will differ.

  • The best 'crash diet' I would recommend, is the Three Day Diet. Click here for the plan. I lost 5lbs following this (not even all that strictly!)

  • Best healthy snacks with the biggest benefits - cucumber,watermelon,strawberries,celery, avocado, brocolli (with some salt and lemon is actually quite filling!)... and the list goes on.

  • Following in Gisele and Miranda's footsteps; stock up on protein and liquids (water,tea) to flush out toxins. And most importantly, do not skip breakfast. It could in the long run, stunt your growth and will make your body store fat. An apple is a great choice in the morning.

Hope those were useful. These are rules I try to live by when I'm motivated to eat well! Let me know in the comments of your tips and tricks.



  1. I love the 3 day diet been doing it before big events and dates for years :) always get good results. Thinking of doing that next week as need a boost to get me to my 2 stone loss :) xx

  2. wow thats amazing! well done :)