Thursday, 19 January 2012

Travel In Style for a discount!

First off, the picture I've used is of St Tropez - the next destination I'm dreaming of going to! And after searching for the perfect deal, I came across This is basically a travel discount and vouchers website where you can find website codes to get a discount on you holiday. I'm hoping to use it during the summer and I hope you guys consider it as well. Expedia in particular, have amazing deals such as £100 off your next booking. Click here mega to check out the site for yourselves. Keep in mind, off peak times for travel is often now up to march or even april. Provided you have the time to travel, you can find a real bargain on vacations using this website - anywhere from Los Angeles to Italy. Offers vary depending on dates and the time you book, so make sure to check the expiry date on the codes before you book. Most (particularly expedia) wont go out of date till the end of this year. I've always been on a lookout for cheap holidays, and I think this could be the right site for that!



  1. Sounds great. :)
    Enjoy your vacation when you go!

    Cheers, Victoria from Toronto.

    1. Qué bonito! Dusfruta muchoooo
      Miss Coco

  2. There's a immense potential sold in the market. You need to know that you have some things that you may need.

    delivery services

  3. i need to travel a little... to do some new things, breathe new fresh air... oh dear, how bad do i need holidays?
    where are you flying to?

    ps. thanx for the message!

  4. Fantastic! I love to travel and am always on the hunt for the best prices, the best places, the best things to do when I get there. Let us know if you go!

  5. True! It is sooo much easier to get cheap flights and hotel rooms if you do it six months in advance. Last year I needed to get an buenos aires apartment in downtown and I knew that people from all over the world are travelling there so I had to get one as soon as possible. I got the best place ever, well located and super affordable!
    I´m happy I did everything with time!