Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Lush Bath

 Space Girl Bath Bomb - Features bergamot, grapefruit, almond oil, glitter and fizzy candy. I left the bath to run so I didn't hear the fizz, but I'll take their word for it.
 This smells particularly good, and I love almonds oil  they have such a delicate scent

 Molton Brown thermal salts muscle soak - This I picked up at a carboot sale, and it was wrapped and unused and best of all it only cost £2! This has a stronger scent to it, but went well with the bath bomb.

 To top it all off, a robin's egg blue padded bath pillow courtesy of a friend.
Add the newest PLL book and that was my Sunday evening!

Do you guys enjoy taking luxurious baths? I know my friend Hayfa loves them (on whom I will be writing a follow-up post shortly) Click HERE if you want to read my previous entertaining interview with her.



  1. mmm... I want it all!!!
    Miss Coco

  2. Aha I actually left FB to go take a bath - talk to you in 3 hours KOKO BEAR :D

  3. I take a minimum of 3 luxurious baths a week. I know a lot of people don't enjoy it but I got really sick a while back and learned that a beautiful warm bath filled with epsom salts and aromatherapy stuff is fantastic for easing pain, relieving soreness, and giving your body a natural boost of magnesium. Not to mention if you soak in it for 20 minutes or more, you're totally relaxed and ready for a great nights sleep. I even started this ritual on Sundays of showering before hand to wash and condition my hair, shaving, and using a geranium body scrub before filling the tub with the epsom salts to soak. My skin feels amazing after that. I follow it with a body butter and I feel like a pampered princess ready to tackle the world for the week.