Wednesday, 7 September 2011

BODY - By Burberry

What they say:

"... is the most exciting launch that we have ever created and captures the iconic spirit of the brand today in a striking and sensual way." (Christopher Bailey)

The scent:

Top notes are a mix of green absinthe, peach and freesia.

The heart is made up of roses and iris.

There is also a light infusion of sandalwood, cashmerean, musk, amber and vanilla!

What I think:

Above are pictures of my sample, sent by post not too long ago. I think if you visit their facebook page you can still order one!

My initial reaction was, the perfume is very much a mature and sophisticated scent. That's not to say it's an overly musky and floraly scent, but it is definitely a powerful scent perhaps women would wear rather than teens.

Once the topnotes sink in, the basenotes release as I said sandalwood and amber which gives the perfume a certain edge others do not have. If you prefer fruity perfumes (Escada) or floraly scents (Marc Jacobs) this may not be the one for you, as it has a distinct mix of both rather than leaning to one. But if you are looking for a new, fresh signature scent I would definitely recommend this!

If you try it out, let me know what you think.



  1. I'll try it out next time I go to Sephora :)

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  3. i will definitely be trying it out!!!

    Ayesha xoxo

  4. I really enjoy that amber scent in a bodyspray or perfume. Its sweet and earthy. Great Post.

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  6. If Burberry could insure me that I would look like Rosie Hunting Whitley by wearing their perfume I would buy it in a heart beat. Great campaign though!

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  7. YEEESSS!!! :)

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  8. I want it!

  9. I have this parfume and I must say you nailed it with the description.


  10. Super perfume, I love it <3

  11. hi =)

    love the scent, oh and an awesome blog you've got.. imana have to link it thru mine, hope that's alright with you =) have a good one!

    cheers x

  12. I love their signature scent! It's very grown up. So I think I have to try this one out too.


  13. I so love that fragance!! Good choice! <3<3

  14. Thank you for sharing this :)

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    Love xoxoxox

  15. great blog *

  16. Huh, may check it out...sounds like something I might love...I picked you for this, by the way...hope you don't mind:


  17. I also received a sample a few weeks ago.

    I think the foundation is great. But I do feel that it is a bit too heavy for me (I like your term "mature").

    If they take it down a notch, I think it would work best! But on the other hand, I am more like a fruity / floral gal :)

  18. I spend so much of my time at perfume shops and I'm addicted to buying as many as I can get my hands on! I smelled this one the other day and loved it :)! It's so mysterious and I just melt when I smell it. Great post!

  19. Hi! I really like your blog!
    Kisses from Barcelona!

  20. I love perfume, but its so hard to pick one that is perfect! I will give this one a try.


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  22. Looks heavenly! <3

  23. I'm willing to smell iT

  24. I am floral scent kind of person, but I think I may still try this, it sounds interesting!

    x Mallika

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  30. Rosie looks amazing in those new scent campaigns. I've always loved Burberry scents, I need to give this one a try!

  31. yes i am def gonna have to try this out!!

  32. I'm curious to try this scent!

  33. im curous about it, i had no clue about the facebook ordeal.

    thanks for sharing!

  34. Wow! thanks for sharing this. According to your description, those are my favorite scents! I'll definitely try it.

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  36. So glad I saw this; I just ordered a sample via facebook! I love burberry fragrances and really liked this post! :) Great blog as well, now following!

    <3 Shawna

  37. hope i can get this here..

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