Thursday, 17 February 2011

Dad knows best

Having a dad who works in Knightsbridge comes with its pluses ;-)
Surprisingly, there are a ton of newsagents, squished onto every street corner, so you'll be sure to find any and all magazines there.

The surprising thing is, I didn't ask for these yet he knows I love (high) fashion magazines, so what a lovely surprise this was a few weeks back! My parents and I have this tradition of going out every sunday morning for an english breakfast, so these always come in handy for a quick flick through the pictures and articles!

Do you read these mags?


P.S - No worries, I read them when I got home.


  1. I Love any an every Style/ Fashion Magazine. In Style being my all time favorite. I have always loved magazines, secret indulgence. :)

  2. haha me too. If they have a good cover model, and stories, I'm in!


  3. Oh wow, my father wouldn't know Vogue from Cosmo haha.

    And I prefer Vogue's pictures, but Bazaar has better articles!