Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Cutting you off

I bought this top in January during an online sale at Peacocks I think. I'm kind of obsessed with cut out design tops, like this one, with the shoulders cut out. I think it adds so much to a tshirt,dress, you name it. Even leggings (usually) look good with this design.
Do you like these tops?


P.S- It was only about £6 - bargain or what?!

(mini OOTD right here)


  1. I don't usually wear cut out tops but it looks really cute on you! Great outfit, although I usually wear shoes with mine :P


  2. I am in love with the pale pink patent heels you feature on the side bar! Soooo pretty!
    - Marie

  3. Thanks so much. I take a lot of pride in making sure my blog is up to date and fashionable :)