Saturday, 22 January 2011

Ebay Sale #1

I'm selling the book 'Girl, 15 charming but insane' by Sue Limb on ebay (well, my friend Ola is) It is 'used' although I've only read it once and there are only a few bends on some of the pages. I'm the kind of person who is OCD about most books and magazines. LOL

So, if you guys are interested in buying this, please go check it out. It's basically for teenagers, and is a story of a teen girl with typical problems like boys, friends, self-esteem and it's actually really funny! I think it retails for about £6.99 in bookshops so for buy it now it's only £5.99 (bargain!) or 99p in bidding, and no one has bid yet!!


P.S - I'll be selling quite a lot of things in the future, so would you guys be interested?

Coming up ,fyi, these are things I'm thinking of putting up:

One Fifth Avenue by Candace Bushnell
Primark Handbag/Playboy handbag
A few tshirts/jeans


  1. Loved your blog! I'm following you! :D

  2. thanks so much! I'll be sure to check urs out soon