Sunday, 26 December 2010

Spain Haul

As you may know, I recently got back from Spain, as I went for a Spanish exchange for school with my friend. So to brush up on my speaking (well, basically understanding) I bought Spanish cosmo and marie claire. Mostly because they were cheap, but also because they had two of my fave models on the covers! And surprisingly, I understood most of it...
Next I stopped by Blanco and found this gorgeous leopard print scarf on sale for 50% off. I only paid 4.50 for it. Last but most CERTAINLY not least, I went to Sephora. Not once but three times (although I only bought items twice!) So I got a grenadine & pineapple body cream, lemon & green tea body cream, black current & red current body spray (of which I have a small collection - diff scents) and some pretty toe separators for painting my nails. Last year I bought those in hot pink and silver - love it! This all amounted to only 23.65 which isn't bad considering I only shop in Sephora once a year or so...

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  1. Oo! forgot to add I got a free sample of a sephora foundation..