Friday, 15 October 2010

November Elle Best Ads.

So I was flicking through my Elle,and noticed the ads were much more original (IMO) than usual and actually intriguing rather than just a plain old model just standing there, so I thought I'd share my thoughts...
I was inspired by a few fellow bloggers,and wanted to share some of my fave advertisements from the current Elle UK (November issue) - all American,of course! The first is a '7 for all mankind' clothing ad which I just love, I don't know whether it's the colours or the clothes.... Next, this 'Just Cavalli' ad which I thought had amazing contrasting colours. Last but not least, is this gorgeous Miu Miu ad with a soft summery (?) colour palette. You may not have noticed, but an upcoming model named Lindsay Wixson is in this ad...
Sorry I'm giving you guys an art lesson but these ads just really stood out for me.
What did you think?