Friday, 3 September 2010

Celebrity Fashion: Hot or Not?

I just read that Victoria Beckham is being nominated for the first time for 'British Fashion Awards' and this is her first ever nomination for a fashion award! I think it's great that as a style icon, she can create such fabulous lines, and not have to worry about it being seen on Snooki in US Weekly! Just kidding, well, not really, Snooki's style is a whole new post!!
I'm not a huge fan of celebrity based fashion, I can understand them being 'muses' for fashion lines or sitting front row at the shows, but overall, I think they should leave the creative stuff to the geniuses. After all, you don't see Marc Jacobs in Twilight or 90210 do you!
Don't get me wrong, the money hungry aren't gonna stop coming out with 'collaborations' however if I see something nice I wouldn't not buy it because it said 'Lauren Conrad' on it, what the label reads doesn't affect how it looks.
Never judge a garment by it's label....


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  1. "never judge a garment by its label" -me likey :) xx victoria beckham's clothes are pretty chic!