Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Sorry, usually I try to post every other day (also my hair washing routine :P)
This post will sadly contain no photos, but trés interesting information to make up for it! Right now I've just finished day 3 of my two week work experience at the restaurant my dad works at in Central London! Exciting! LOL
So it's the usual, filing,typing,writing and calculating. A tad boring but I can deal, seeing as in return I receive generous amounts of food and drink (hello - San Pellegrino!) I think I may even lose weight from this experience, seeing as I don't walk a lot and don't eat a lot and don't get hungry... etc.
The people are pretty great too, I was worried the woman I was mainly working with would be a bitch or something, but she's surprisingly nice and comical. Anyway I'm planning a 'work wear' post soon, once I've taken all my photos (only 9!) which will be up next week.. keep in mind my work wear is VERY different to the usual ha ha!


  1. cute blog! following :)

  2. lool it sounded like a contradiction the way you were like "I think i might loose weight seing as i dont walk alot" :L but i get what you mean