Thursday, 26 August 2010


Louboutin have come out with a new 'sneaker' line for Fall 2010! So many shoe collabs at the mo - Jimmy Choo recently teamed up with Ugg to produce bedazzled Uggs. The shoes in my opinion, are sexy spangled works of art and anyone who invests in a pair should definitely be a dedicated reader of Vogue to truly appreciate them (and style them).
I particularly love the leopard print flats with ginormous beads bedazzling it, and the black high tops with silver rhinestones!
What's you fave, and more importantly, will you dare to purchase a pair?


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  1. so obsessed by the leo louboutin loafers, to die for! do you know where to get them?!
    check out our blog if you want ;)
    the cookies