Sunday, 1 August 2010

Espana Haul!

Sorry, I know I haven't posted in over two weeks, but since my 'exchange' has arrived I haven't had time to use Blogger much. But Im going to post ALL I bought in Valencia (the city near where I went) I didn't buy that much, considering I went for two weeks. But shock,horror I only went shopping once! Anyway, here's what I got... the shopping locations there were match the clothes LOL
First is an Alice in Wonderland inspired necklace from a shop I cannot pronounce, yet this girl also bought something there, I think it's European. £6. Zara top on sale, with shoulder pads/embellishments (y'all know how I love my embellishments!) £9 Bershka turquoise jean shorts (great with a tan!) £7. Mango lace and stretchy material 'sporty' top. £5 Sephora goodies,because I love collecting their bags, sad, I know. £20 (!!)
Hope you enjoyed reading this... let me know if you'd be interested in a post about the whole trip.
PS - (Too many brackets?!)

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