Monday, 12 July 2010

You know that we are living in a material world, and I am a material girl

That's right. On August 3rd Madonna is officially launching her 'Material Girl' line for Macy's. Although, this shop is only in America I still wanted to review it and share it with you guys (though some of you probably already know!) As any collaboration, and there have been MANY in the past few months, there is controversy as to whether the pieces will be a) wearable and b) affordable. As it's titled material girl I expected an 80's inspired line, since her song was made around that time. Anyway here we go..
Price range:
$12- $40 (tres reasonable!)

The Look:
Layers,grunge chic,simple classic pieces

So, I was right, it was based on her 80's outfits. However, it has a modern twist which makes it seem more trendy and 'now'. It's also convenient,since you can simply buy one piece and mix that into your wardrobe. And although they all go together, you don't have to necessarily buy an outfit from just this collection, one piece will do.
And there you have it.
What did you all think?
P.S - Here's a link to some pics!

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