Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Paris Haul! (LONG post!)

So here's everything i bought in Paris. some of these things are presents for family, but they had such amazing sales, i couldn't resist! This isn't in any particular order, as usual, but I bought this cute 'Paris' picture frame which was so glittery it immediately caught my eye - and I had to have it! I also got two leather-ish bracelets which you tie up, I've seen loads of people with these kind of bracelets on, and although I prefer one or two simple pieces i love this trend! Next i got some L'occitane items as they were having quite good sales. i bought a box with lavender soap,pillow mist,candle and bath bomb. This was 13 euros which isn't bad for such a 'high end' shop. Then I bought a little shower gel/shampoo (although i don't think ill use it as shampoo) and i got a few cute samples with it. then from h&m i bought this fun pink top with silver bead embellishments on the shoulders, and i was so glad i found this because I've been wanting one ever since I've seen this trend (of course i had to use a picture of the kardashians!) and this was around £9. Now... onto Sephora! J'adore completely this store, especially during sales! i made the most of it seeing as we don't have it here in the UK. so i got a ton of Sephora bath products and little bits of makeup, i found regular brands were expensive and i might as well buy it at boots for points on my card! I also got some lovely samples of perfumes. Then the last tourist-y item I bought was this 'Paris university' hoodie which is quite big but that's fine because i would only have worn it around the house, like i am now being lazy! last but not least, I bought this fab ipod touch case which is slightly more glittery than in this picture but i loved the vintage inspired design. This was £9. Thank you those who actually read this post, not the ones who skimmed it! ;) xoxox

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  1. Omg Cute Buys :D