Thursday, 15 July 2010

Haircare product + new room

Sadly, my room is not complete yet and I still need the walls and some things fixed and redone, but after that I can officially style it and w/e else I need to do. I've already taken my before pictures.. Anyway I love room dec√≥r shopping, so I picked up this cute Marilyn Monroe frame for only £1.50! got it from AB Superstores, which is a cheap shop with tons of different things. I also got my hair cut last week and the hairdresser recommended this Avon frizz creme thingie, so I'll review it for you guys if you want, and I'm bringing it on holiday with me so (fingers crossed) it should help keep my hair manageable!

P.S this is my last post for two weeks!




  1. Nice wallpaper :)

    and well done on using Avon!
    cruelty free :D

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  3. enjoy the hols sweetie! x

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  5. nice product....and i would love to follow u...follow me too?