Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Covent Garden Haul!

For those of you in the US you may not know what this is,but it's basically a location in central London with shops, touristy places and a great place for a day out :) It's really lovely as it still has a lot of the original architecture and shops that have been there for ageees!
Anyway I went with some friends (who had exchange students with them) to Covent Garden and around Leicester Square. So here's what I got:
The Bead Shop which btw sells amazing beads,strings etc.. for making your own jewellery. I'll be making some soon so I'll post about that! Spent about £13 which is quite a lot but oh well!
H&M Light pink ruched dress/top (colour didn't come out well!) but this will look amazing with a tan... £7.99
H&M sheer gray tunic £7.99
H&M Cotton cream jumper £9.99
H&M Padded shoulder top £9.99
As you can see, I've been really impressed with H&M's newest stock, and I actually wanted to buy more but I figured it would be going overboard and plus I didn't have enough money!


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