Sunday, 20 June 2010

Primark Haul!

Sorry no posts, lately. Same sad excuse as always - had exams but i finish soon so then I'll be posting more regularly and more interesting posts! My friend also did a Primark haul so go check it out!
This isn't everything I got (it is Primark,after all) but these are what I think are the nicest most interesting purchases. The shorts are a light brown colour in case it doesn't show well, with little gold details and a cute 'leather' belt which I think goes well with the shorts. This was about £9? The frilly top is off white and black stripes, and is sort of Lauren Conrad inspired. Great with black skinny jeans I think..
Anyway the rest is pretty self explanatory..


  1. I love it all esp the bathing suit. :) Great haul!

  2. ooooh I am liking that top, especially since you mentioned it's a little LC inspired...I see that!
    And thankyou for linking me my deary! ♥

  3. i like the top! cool stuff! xxx