Saturday, 26 June 2010

New Look Sale Haul!

Yesterday I went with my mum to Brent Cross because she needed something from John Lewis, and why would I pass up a shopping trip?! LOL So I wanted to check out New Look because as far as I know their the only shop with an affordable Tall range, and they often have good sales on! So I bought a pair of blue shoes for £14, with a bow and light flower details, if you can see.. I also bought two tops, one which is an underwear as outerwear sort of trend, which has quite sheer light material, which is perfect for summer, and just as a cover up at the beach maybe, the next I LOVE, its so shiny and sparkly, LOL with beads around the neckline, its long enough to wear with leggings, and good enough for day and nigh time. Overall, I paid £27 for these 3 things, which isn't bad considering I really like them all...
What have you guys recently bought?

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  1. hehe...recently I bought...some FABULOUS shizzle at the car boot sale! (did you get anything there?) xxxxxxx