Thursday, 20 May 2010

Tag: Top Ten Summer Items

Let me just start off by saying, I'm not trying to show off. I know a lot of bloggers get people commenting 'your just showing off' 'your just trying to show everyone how much you've got'. Well I'm not and I'm sick of people always complaining to them about doing hauls or room tours (youtube) or whatever, if you had a blog/vlog wouldn't you do that? If people wanted to show off they would simply show expensive designer items and not clothes or whatever from normal shops. So anyway I just wanted to say this is just a fun tag I made up(?). Enjoy! Ok so they were: A Topshop Kate Moss dress which I think was from her first collection so sorry I don't think you could find it but there are definitely similar ones in her new collection. Second is also a flowery dress but is from Hong Kong for about £10 and I love th soft pink pattern on it, its so girly and definitely my kind of style. And the last clothing item is this Zara top I got on sale for about £6 and its just a fun blue tshirt with Blondie on it? and the word Beauty which I think would go great with shorts and sandals. Next are bracelets I got in Hong Kong for 10 for £10 which I think is a good deal considering they look quite expensive, don't ya think? Next are two pairs of sandals I got in Poland during my sandal craze! My Coach Poppy bag which I'm not sure is real but I bought it in a proper shop, but you never know with Hong Kong! This could make a great beach bag! Next are two L.A Colours nail varnishes I picked up in beauty base for 99p each, and for summer I'm getting into fun pastel colours (or brights!) Then is FCUK bronzer to either bring out my tan or give me one.. (damn ash cloud!!) Second to last but still one of my faves is Miss Dior Cherie L'eau which was a birthday gift and smells so divine, its very springy/summery. Last but not least is Barry M lipstick in 147 which is a pink coraly colour and would seriously pop against olive skin or just even a tan. Here's a swatch.


  1. very pretty :) xx i like the pinky floral dress xxxx

  2. I love the purse and the shoes. Very pretty