Sunday, 2 May 2010

Plastic Fantastic?

Why do some people think it necessary to get cosmetic surgery in their 20s?! I think it's so ridiculous.At that age your face has barely even matured, and your skin is still really young, so by getting cosmetic surgery your just pulling your tight skin even tighter! For example, Heidi Montag, she's only 23 years old. And she's already undergone 10 procedures, this might not sound so bad to you, but she underwent it in one day. Anyone who watches the hills will know even her family thought she looked better before, and that she said she wanted to ''look like barbie'' which is ridiculous, no one can look like a cartoon doll! These people are only ruining their looks and making themselves look less human by essentially, injecting plastic into themselves! Now, notice how I used cosmetic surgery, and not plastic surgery, which are really two different things. I can accept plastic, because that's usually done because someone has a problem with their body, and it's truly helping them. And then people like Heidi who have too much money for their own good don't know what to do with it. I'm not saying cosmetic surgery is all bad, as most of you would agree, in small quantities it's alright. We all have little things we want to change, like I would want a nose job because I feel insecure about my nose, but I would never get as much as Heidi, especially not in one day. I'd like to remain looking human thank you!