Friday, 21 May 2010

Hair Care Review

Montagne Jeunesse (right spelling?) had a hair serum and conditioner duo on sale, well I found this at Tiger, but I think they sell these in Boots. Its a 'hot miracle' conditioner and 'shine serum' which you put in hot water for a few minutes before use. I think it had a good effect on my hair, this is how it came out after blow drying it and before straightening it. It felt so much softer and moisturised, as well as easier to work with. If you can't get this product, I would definitely recommend getting a hair mask which would be good as a once a week product to treat your hair, trust me, if you invest it really benefits your hair. As you can see, my hair is really damaged (long story) on the ends but this product really helped maintain it. Good masks are most L'oreal conditioners or Umberto Giannini, at least from what I've tried.

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