Saturday, 29 May 2010

Birthday Haul!

So, as you know, it was my birthday yesterday!! I went out with friends in the evening for a lovely meal and tomorrow I'm going out with family for lunch. Anyway, I love opening presents and usually what my mum does is set them out outside my door in a path leading into the next room. So here's what I got from family:

From my grandma I got money,chocolates (my favourite) and jewellery and a little box.

From my parents i got a handbag, clinique makeup,mark hill products,prada perfume set, aveda hair products and ben de lisi sunglasses. and then from my aunt and uncle i got money and a magazine sub!I only asked for a few things and my mum said no,no your not getting many things (does anyone else's do that?) but I'm really happy with my gifts. I also got lovely things from friends, thank you Ola! For the products such as Clinique I'll do some reviews for you guys. Oh, and the money I got was to pay for half my phone, well not half lol, but i saved the other half because its quite expensive, but i think it will be worth it!
P.S birthday look coming soon and I completely forgot to tell you, the philips epilator I won from cosmo magazine, and i have to review for the magazine, which at first i thought was from my parents but i didn't expect this from them but there was an accompanying letter from cosmo saying I'd won, so its as if cosmo knew it was my birthday! ;)

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  1. hehe I am glad you got loads of lovely pressies and you're so lucky to keep winning comps! I entered a few more, we'll see how that goes :)
    the handbag is very pretty btw xxxxxxx