Friday, 23 April 2010

Summer Lovin'

You have no idea how nostalgic these photos of summer make me! These are just random photos off google (LOL) but it still makes me want summer now! I can't wait until I can go on holiday alone, well technically I will be, but that's another post!Especially as because between now and then I have GCSE's to do.. which makes me contemplate why I'm here when I should be revising but anyways...
This is a sort of checklist for summer, things I want to complete, I guess it's a tag, and anyone can write about this. This will keep me motivated, as we all know how hard it is to stay on track with goals.
1) Tone up, yeah I know, unoriginal, but definitely something I have to do. Or at least lose a few pounds.
2) Get my hair 'back in shape' - meaning (hopefully!) grow out this awful hair dye that's been clinging to my hair for about a year. And then I can finally grow it, and naturally colour my own hair, meaning I use sprays to lighten it or in the sun.
3) Get good GCSE's!! Enough said.
4) Save up, technically for summer, to spend on holiday, but I've started this thing where my family has a box and we put money in for about a month of for whatever thing we have later on, seal it so you can only put money in, and then we count it a bit before we need it, instead of wasting it on something stupid.
5) TBD, maybe something after summer, I don't know, I have so much I want to complete so I'll keep you posted!
P.S I encourage you guys to do this as well, it helps to keep you motivated for your goals, and helps you prioritize!

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