Sunday, 18 April 2010

Hair today, gone tommorow?

With so many colour and cut options for your hair out there, it can be pretty challenging to know which will suit you without actually getting it done. Many of you may know this person on the right, she's Olivia Palermo, from The City. Recently I've noticed so many celebs changing their hair cut or colour, and they probably hire the best stylist and beauty team to sort out their look, but it's actually not that difficult. Olivia is one of the lucky people who could pull off any look, but if you know your face shape,skin tones and etc.. you'll find the perfect match! In the words of John Frieda, use your jawline to determine what length to have. If you have a round face, soft layers around the cheek area will take the attention away from the roundness of your face, so try to stay away from pin straight styles.
Oval faces, can pull off any look (Olivia?), so your one of the genetically blessed ;) Long faces should have shorter styles, otherwise it will only elongate your face further, so around shoulder length hair with layers would suit you. Square faces should opt for longer wispy styles, such as soft layers to take the attention of your shape, and sort of cover the squarey shape. And finally, last but not least heart shaped faces, a choppy style with volume at the ends or the top of your head, will balance out the shape and make it look more symmetrical. Of course, you don't have to follow these guidelines, do whatever you want, but if you want guidance, this is a good place to start, figure out your head shape and use celebs similar to you as inspiration, also if you had a good haircut in the past, consider redoing that! Also watch out for hair dye, you see so many botched dye jobs gone wrong (always have it done professionally, unless it's a minor job) and make sure it doesn't wash you out!

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