Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Be a Reccessionista!

Like everyone nowadays, I've become a bit stingy with my money. Granted, I don't work as I'm only 15! But I still buy all my own things (e.g shopping,going out with friends/family) so I'm not too happy about being stuck in a recession! I've thought of starting up regular blog posts (once a week/maybe month) about 'reccessionistas' which is a term coined, used for 'fashionistas' in the recession! After everything that has happened, it's made me grateful for what I have, as there are soo many people without jobs and who already don't have a lot of money.
To start off, here are some fun things you can do yourself to save money/with your girlfriends;

Instead of spending money on an expensive mani/pedi or spa treatment, head to Lush or Boots and stock up on face masks and nail varnish,file etc.. and invite your friends round for a girly night in. I think this is always fun regardless of your age, who doesn't like to be pampered?! (Plus Lush/Boots always have deals going on, so it's cheaper than paying someone else to do it for you!)

'Recycle' your clothes (no, I don't mean throw them out!) Swap with your friends, or update old clothes if your good at sewing or feeling creative! This is something I personally love doing; looking through charity shops or vintage markets such as Beyond Retro!

Enjoy reccessionizing!



  1. I LUV Beyond Retro. I went Bricklane with Nat on friday, its amazing!

  2. oh kl, what did you buy? I know those shops are so inspiring, i really wanna go again

  3. It is so lucky that i come here accidently, the aundant resources makes me excited,thank you!
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