Monday, 1 February 2010

Nicole Richie for Marie Claire!

I've always really admired Nicole,which is why I chose to write about her instead of all the award shows going on now! Lol
She's in the new March M/C issue (UK) so I'm definetly picking it up soon. I know she went through a 'bad phase' but she's even more of an inspiration to women as she put on some weight which she said had been physically hard for her because she was naturally petite. It's probably because she's a mother of two! I also love her new dark locks, much more natural than her old L.A blonde! Don't you agree?
She talks about her weight and being a 'supermom'. She says ''I feel it's a little unfair to say someone has a eating disorder when they don't.'' You just never know what's true in Hollywood. Thoughts?


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