Tuesday, 9 February 2010

LC Books Review!

If you remember, ages ago last year I showed you the book Lauren Conrad (LC) wrote: 'L.A Candy' and now I bought her second book, 'Sweet Little Lies' last week. I'm only half way through Sweet Little Lies so I won't review it, and if any of you are reading it I don't want to ruin it for you. But here's the L.A Candy one for you!

I was really excited to start these, as I was a huge fan of 'The Hills' so when I heard Lauren was writing a book based on her experiences I couldn't wait to read it! Just like all Hills fans I was eager to find out what happened 'behind closed doors' (non-pervy lol) when the cameras weren't rolling. First off, if your not a fan of the show you can still read this, it's not as if you have to be a fan to read it, it's like any normal 'chick flick' book! If you are a fan then it's gonna be a hard read! Me and my friend were obsessing over who was who, and personally I was constantly thinking, who was who? I was impressed overall, as it was well written and I'm pretty sure she wrote it, unlike other celebs who have ghost writers. The storyline in my opinion was intriguing (Jane (LC) moves to LA with her friend (Heidi?) to LA and are spotted to be in a tv show by a producer, there are two other girls added to the show, and drama ensues)... Her second book came out in early February, and the third is still being written, both carry on with the storyline (all end on cliffhangers)


P.S if you have read it who do you think the characters are??

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