Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Ebay love.

Hey guys,
just a quick post about Ebay. I don't know how many of you shop/surf on ebay, but I love it. ou can find such amazig deals there, I know some things are fake so you have to watch out for that but in terms of jewellery/books/dvds etc.. you can find such great stuff for really cheap. I've been into selling a lot of my old stuff that are still valuable to me, which I would feel bad about just giving away. So my amazing friend (love you,Ola (:) puts them up for me on her page. If your interested in (real) Prada gloves, thats what I'm currently selling and guess what? - It's only £7 on bidding so far! Check it out here, the pictures show the authenticity, and you guys know I wouldn't sell something fake, let alone advertise it on here! Their my mums' and vintage, they have the Prada symbol in the middle, and are made of brown leather. You might be wondering why I'm selling Prada gloves, but they don't fit either of us, my hands are too long and my mums just a bit older, so they don't fit her very well.
P.S - Only two more days of bidding!! (If you bid now you can probably get it for under £10!!)

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  1. wow this looks like a gd bargain! might take u up on this..