Friday, 8 January 2010

Random (:

This is just a random post, sorry I haven't written anything in so long. Excuses,excuses but I had mocks (still going on till next week) so didn't have time!
This is a picture of my kinda re-decorated room, I just moved bits around, should have taken a before picture, just realised, oh well! So, I was inspired by the Kardashians! If you watch their show, you'll see clips of their homes, and I really like the simplistic Grecian-like design of their homes. Kim's mostly, and Kourtney's bedroom, they had some really cute bits around the room like the crystal box I have on my night stand. Before my room was quite cluttered and messy, I also changed around the other table but it's nothing special. Btw, don't worry, I will put a picture in the frame, just haven't found a good enough one. The mood in my room is very feng-shui now, HAHA! It seriously does make you feel better, I would recommend tidying out your room, I do it all the time. Could be one of your resolutions, to be tidier. ;)
P.S I'm also really into candles now, this is one I got two years ago for my birthday, it's from this little boutique near where I live. I thought that was a really cute touch, it smells delish and is in a cupcake design with sprinkles!

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