Sunday, 24 January 2010

More IS More!

Thought you would all be happy to know, curvy models are back! 'Real' women are being used more frequently in fashion nowadays. Although there will always be people who object to this (Karl Lagerfeld! Why did he photograph Beth Ditto then?!) more fashion houses and agencies are asking for more healthy looking girls, rather than... sticks.

The modelling agency '12+' is well known for their curvy models, and obviously 12+ size. Another achievement which has made a big impact on the fashion industry is Rio De Janerio Fashion Week banning models who they consider 'too skinny'. I think this is a great achievement on behalf of an industry which thrives on telling people what to wear and who to aspire to, now girls worldwide won't feel the need to diet on celery sticks! There are so many 'pro-plus' events going on right now, not to mention Vogue hopping on this bandwagon, that it would take too long to name them all! I'm not saying skinny is bad, I'm quite skinny myself, but there is a fine (or should I say skinny) line between slim and anorexic! If you remember one of my first posts about Mark Fast back in October then you'll know he used 3 plus size models in his show!


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