Saturday, 23 January 2010

Bent on higher things!

How to walk in heels. Is a book I recently purchased, I borrowed it off a friend earlier but didnt really read it, now I got it for myself so I'm more likely to read it! Incase anyone doesn't know what this is, it's a book (not essentially about walking in heels lol) about all things feminine. Whether you want to learn more about modern art,learn how to properly eat an oyster or how to do a proper manicure. It's refreshing, because it also has things women should know but probably don't! For example, how to change a tyre or a light bulb, I have to say, I don't really know how to do either, let's be honest, we could all do with these tips and tricks once in a while. It's almost a cliché of a modern-girls' life, giving you all the info you could ever need on anything from gardening to cooking. I bought it in a charity shop, I love looking through them for some good buys once in a while, and plus the money goes to a good cause. In my opinion it's better than just giving money away because a) if its an unknown charity they could be a scam and b) you get something in return for your money! Anyway, it only cost me a £ but im sure if you really wanted you could find it for a good price in waterstones or ebay.

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