Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Review: Clinique cream

During sales week I went into Boots (in oxford street,btw, in case they don't have it anywhere else). And I had sort of researched this on the boots website, and the whole range had good reviews. Ok, you might be thinking I don't really care about this, I don't really need it. But, like everyone, I have something about myself that I don't like. My skin. I've only just recently been looking into solutions, as I didn't really know what it was. But let me tell you, it probably took me about 5 months to fully look into this, and you may think that's a long time but when you don't actually know what something is, it's harder to research! So, let me FINALLY tell you what it is! Ever since I was young I've had sensitive skin, and ever since I turned into a teenager I started getting bad skin (nothing new, huh?) I get it after my mum, and I have to be careful what products I use. So I started getting broken veins and red blemishes on my skin(from acne) and it turns out I have roseca. This, I realised, is quite common. Some of you may even have it. And I've always loved Clinique, so when I found this range, as well as blemish solutions which I want to try as well, I was really happy. I thought finally I found a solution.

It's called redness solutions daily relief cream.
Your meant to use it twice daily, and in a few weeks you see results! (Hopefully)
I started using it last week, and although I haven't seen a difference yet, overall its really good quality.
At first I was worried, because it was quite thick and I have oily skin so I didn't want it to make my skin greasy. But it's great, it says oil-free and for combination skin. It also makes for a great base!
Clinique is an amazing brand (they also don't test on animals!) and I think their the most unique because they have everything for any skin type! So, if you feel self-conscious and you have this problem, I would definitely recommend this, although its best when offers are up, because its £34!
P.S - Like I said earlier, even if you don't have this problem, it's worth trying if you get red easily, from spicy food or even just extreme weather. You also might be able to get some samples, when I bought it the lady gave me three samples!
Good Luck!

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