Friday, 11 December 2009

Another one!

Hey guys,
yep, I won another Cosmopolitan competition. :)
This is the second time now. When my mum came in and said I had a surprise present I started getting really excited, and thought maybe the shoes I ordered had arrived, and then this huge box/package came and I was puzzled and then she showed me the cosmo letter(in the picture) that they sent. I couldn't believe my luck! These gifts were probably some of the best they've had. In case you can't see I got a Dermalogica skincare set with an powdered exfoliator,cream,eye gel,skin hydrator and masque. It's worth around £100 which is really lucky for me! I haven't tried them yet but when I do I will let you know, but if you are interested in this brand here is a link to its site (they didn't have a direct one). By the way from the previous competition I have an update, I tried the foot exfoliation and body mask and I have to say their both really good. The exfoliator isn't too rough which is good because I have sensitive skin and the mask smells really fresh and doesn't stick to your skin like some masks do.

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  1. very pretty colour :)
    you could do a post on how to shape your nails to elongate your nails..just an idea!
    :) xxxxx