Thursday, 12 November 2009


I've been going crazeyyyy online shopping recently! As, you know I ordered those two books, and I've recently ordered more! Some were early christmas presents though. I'm in a very curios mood, I've been really interested in Marilyn and Audrey recently. I was talking about it with my mum, and she told me about Jayne Mansfield, who I guess is an old fashioned Pamela Anderson! And apparently she got de-capitated in a car crash, so tragic...
But anyway all their lives seem so interesting,it's like an old fashioned world, kind of a fantasy, which is so intriguing for me, and because they were such iconic beauties.
So, as I was saying, I bought Blonde - a novel about Marilyns' life which is like 500 pages thick! And I'll probably read it over the summer, so sorry, you'll have to wait for a review...
Then I bought Bergdorf Blondes - just a stereotypical trashy novel about blonde New Yorkers, because really, who wants to spend their time reading a dictionary?!
After THAT, I bought A gossip girl book - I like it like that. Which I collect.
Beauty related, I ordered OPI varnishes (also an early present) and some skin quenchers in apple and cranberyy, so yummy! And also some shoes from an online boutique, so hopefully the rest of the orders come soon..
P.S I'll be soon reviewing some items!

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