Saturday, 7 November 2009

Recent Buys

Sorry, for the bad picture, my camera didn't use flash because it was daytime!
From my recent shopping trip to Westfield, I bought some L.A Colours from Beauty Base. They had loads on sale, so I thought I'd get some 'neccesities'. In the picture there are the names and sample colours, but incase it's not clear, its Black Velvet,Antique Burgundy,Mauve Glaze, and Voltage. I currently have mauve glaze on the fingers, and antique burgundy on my toes! My favourite would have to be those two, which is why I decided to try them out first. At first I thought they would be quite cheap quality (only 99p) because you had to apply two coats, but their actually really good. Most polishes need two coats any way. These colours are the (for me, at least) main colours you will need. A deep red, black, french nude, and base coat/top coat are all everyday common colours. So, overall I would reccomend them to you, if you live in the UK or have a beauty base or this brand nearby!
P.S - tell me if you want me to do these kind of beauty related things more often!

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