Tuesday, 17 November 2009

New Shoes!

Hey! So these are some shoes my mum recently gave me, there vintage btw. She bought them ages ago from Russell & Bromley, and there size 8 which is a bit small for me but they fit pretty well. (Yes, Im tall and I have big feet :\)
There just below the knee for me and are leather riding boots. I was so excited when she gave me them, because I actually wanted to buy some boots for winter the next day (which I did, but you can never have too many shoes!)
and also, there really in style right now. It's one of only two things my mum kept from around the 80's... She told me they retail for around £250 now and then! I'll put up another picture when I wear them so you know what it looks like! I'm so excited about them...


  1. hah what a generous and fashionable mom you've got!! those boots are really nice, i pretty much love them.

    great blog
    xo rosie